V6 Micro Current Max Lift + NMN 21000 Hyaluronic Acid Radiance blooms from soul to Skin Set (Limited Time Offer)
V6 Micro Current Max Lift + NMN 21000 Hyaluronic Acid Radiance blooms from soul to Skin Set (Limited Time Offer)
V6 Micro Current Max Lift + NMN 21000 Hyaluronic Acid Radiance blooms from soul to Skin Set (Limited Time Offer)

V6 Micro Current Max Lift + NMN 21000 Hyaluronic Acid Radiance blooms from soul to Skin Set (Limited Time Offer)

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V6 Micro Current Max Lift + NMN Hyaluronic Acid Radiance Blooms from  Soul to Skin Set

This beauty set revitalizes your appearance, enhancing your beauty from within and outward.

Set Includes:

1x NMN 21000 Hyaluronic Acid (take 1 capsule 30 mins before treatment to maximize performance)

1x V6 Micro Current Max Lift

1x Hyaluronic Micro Current Gel

1x Base

1x Cable

3 Features:

1.       Tightening Maximum Lift

2.       Anti Wrinkles

3.       Glow


3 Settings

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) serves to activate facial muscles, thereby facilitating a skin-tightening outcome and diminishing the visibility of wrinkles. The device features a dedicated EMS button specifically crafted for routine application, aiming to enhance skin tightness and restore a more youthful appearance.

R&S (Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Waves)

R (Radio Frequency) operates by elevating the temperature of the skin to enhance its metabolism and elasticity. As the dermal layer experiences a controlled warming effect, the reconstruction of collagen fibers occurs, leading to skin tightening. Simultaneously, improved blood circulation facilitates enhanced absorption of additional skincare products.

S (Ultrasonic Waves) The cyclic compression and stretching generated by 3 MHz ultrasonic waves produce a nuanced vibration massage occurring at a rate of 3 million times per second. This mechanism simulates the effect of hand massaging, expediting blood and bodily fluid circulation, promoting metabolism, and restoring the body's cell activity. These collective actions contribute to skin firming, amelioration of skin-related concerns, facial slimming, and various other beneficial effects.

REJ (Rejuvenation) Thumb Radio Frequency mode incorporates an electric pulse introduction system designed to facilitate the penetration of serum into the skin. This process aids in reducing active melanin on the face, diminishing spots, and promoting an even skin tone. This mode replicates the deep massaging techniques and integrates multiple bands and levels of radio frequencies.

Designed in Canada


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